What was unique about student accommodation industry performance and activity in Q1 of 2024? In the student accommodation arena, there continues to be a focus on the impact of international students and the financial viability of secondary/regional institutions.

To that end, The SHURE Initiative checked in with Dr. Mike Porritt of The Scion Group Advisory Services. Dr. Porritt, a sought-after industry expert, is a veteran of the university and student accommodation arenas, having worked on both sides of the game (for university and private developers).

Dr. Porritt offered his analysis in this SHURE Initiative interview.

SHURE: What have you observed in the first quarter of 2024 relative to leasing velocity in the student accommodation arena in G7 countries and the Eurozone?

DR. OF STUDENT HOUSING: In the UK, Australia, and Canada, the most significant question mark is on the impact of all the publicity around study visa cuts and the cuts and spousal visa changes that did eventually happen.  There is a degree of nervousness about no-shows that is likely higher than other years for this Fall.  Things for domestic students are generally the same, and the US lease-up seems on track – especially in the major institution markets.  In the US, for international students, the numbers have been promising and rising since the end of the pandemic and under the new administration.  Again, There is nervousness in the system with the current campaign and the possibility of reversion to the previous administration, which saw a dramatic decrease in international students though that group does not make up as much of the market in the US.

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