“As the coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate in the United States, property owners in the student housing industry are getting a crash course in the challenges created by the spread of COVID-19 and how to better serve their communities.

The off-campus student housing sector is banding together in this time of crisis, according to Student Housing Business, a resource for news and information on the student housing industry, which states that “many off-campus owners and operators are grappling with a growing number of universities canceling in-person classes, and in some instances, ordering students to vacate their campuses and residence halls altogether.”

In late March, Student Housing Business held a webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on the off-campus student housing industry. Six owners and operators weighed in on best practices and advice on operations for employees at both the corporate and property level, as well as the potential impact of the pandemic on transitioning units from one tenant to another and leasing in general in 2020.

“Leaders across all facets of student housing have been sharing tips and ideas, protocols and policies amongst each other on regularly scheduled teleconference calls to make sure that the industry as a whole is handling this crisis in a uniform manner,” according to Student Housing Business. “And even more fundamentally, operators wanted to make clear that off-campus properties are open and will remain open, operating as an essential business.””

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