Will the traditional college campus be relevant in the future?  Today, it seems that everything in higher education is in question. Now more than ever it’s important for us to have those tough conversations about what the future holds. To help facilitate this dialogue, our friend T.J. Logan has launched Place Makers, a weekly podcast featuring those professionals who are in the business of making college campuses places where people want to be. The first episode of the series explores the future of the college campus in a very uncertain world.

“Things have changed. Big time. We’ve brought together the top minds in Higher Education, Branding and Marketing, Technology, and Entrepreneurship to candidly share insights to our listeners so they can find relevance tomorrow. After all, it’s not the same world it was just a short time ago. But it’s still a good one full of good people wanting to do good.

Here you’ll find candid relevant conversations between colleagues, friends and leaders in business will arrive for you to enjoy. What makes it refreshing is even though these are smart people, they don’t have all the answers and they will challenge each other, discover ideas and strategies for continued success.

Joining host Dr. TJ Logan are Jim Curtin, AIA, Principal at SCB, Mary DeNiro, CEO ACUHO-I and Allan Blattner, Executive Director Carolina Housing, UNC Chapel Hill.”

Listen to the full podcast on Share.Transistor.fm.

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