San José State University, a public university in California, is considering accommodating its students at the Signia by Hilton in downtown San Jose.

Local media reports say the school is holding talks about converting the prominent hotel into a student housing facility.

The university has about 150 people on its list who are waiting to find out if they can secure a place in the hotel. Several of them declared they liked the idea of being housed in a hotel and for them, being accommodated in Signia Hotel is a good option, reports.

“Getting more San Jose State students living downtown has shown to be a huge benefit economically, and this would continue that trend,” Bob Staedler, principal executive with Silicon Valley Synergy, a land-use consultancy, told the San Jose Mercury News.

Staying for a night at Signia by Hilton costs about $300, and reports say the university is reviewing a proposal to rent more than 200 rooms for its students enrolled in full-time programs.

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