A new kind of housing crisis has America’s college students concerned. Unfortunately, it is not receiving the public or governmental attention of a residential housing crisis. The student housing shortage is a potential tsunami likely to set off a series of long-term negative consequences for the economy. According to a 2022 survey by StudentBeans, one-fifth of U.S. students have faced housing insecurity — or find themselves without a permanent place of residence during their studies. According to a 2021 report issued by the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, about 52% of students at two-year colleges and 43% of students at four-year colleges experienced housing insecurity during the 12 months preceding the survey. Needless to say, the crisis has a disproportionate impact on Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ students.

With the rising cost of tuition alongside increasing university enrollment rates, students nationwide cannot find affordable housing. As universities have not been able to invest in adequate student housing infrastructure, they cannot keep up with the demand for on-campus housing.

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