Scion Advisory Services is proud to announce the launch of our Strategic Housing Planning service, a new collaborative planning process designed to empower colleges and universities to make critical, strategically driven decisions regarding their on-campus housing programs.

The new service reflects Scion’s ongoing commitment to offering cost-effective solutions that help institutions best align the residential experience with their institutional mission.  Unlike many feasibility or demand studies, which focus on a single residential facility, Scion’s Strategic Housing Planning service considers the needs, challenges and opportunities across a full campus housing system.

Scion’s Strategic Housing Planning helps colleges and universities answer critical questions facing many institutions, including:

  • Does the current housing program appropriately support the institutional mission?
  • How to improve existing facilities to best support the needs of today’s students and anticipate future student needs?
  • How to address aging facilities and make them more attractive to students?
  • How to convey to university leadership the impact of aging facilities on the student experience?
  • How to prioritize buildings for significant renovations or for decommissioning and new construction?
  • How will decommissioning older buildings, renovations, or new construction impact departmental cash flow?
  • What strategies and financing options are available to pay for necessary repair, replacement, and construction?

Scion collects data through rigorous engagement with both institutional stakeholders and current and former residents. The service concludes with a comprehensive assessment of the current programs, scenarios that help align the residential program with current needs, options that accommodate future growth, and financial models that illustrate the financial sustainability of Scion’s recommendations.

Read the full press release here.


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