Cities and developers/investors are missing key student demographic shifts amongst students in Canada. This includes the difference between college and university markets, design concept opportunities to make more affordable housing with at least the same revenue, and the need for more by-law enforcement by cities related to student rental houses for safety and the good of the market on and off campus. In this REX Talk, Dr. Porritt will discuss:

* Dramatic shifts in student demographics and the impact on housing on and off campus

* College and University markets in Canada and their evolving differences that impact housing

* The need for new design in today’s student housing product and the groups needed to be served on and off campus in Canada

* Implications of international students who cannot get housing in Canada and seeking countries with similar education quality and immigration policies

* The severe lack of safe and affordable options and overbuilding in the high-end of the market

* How the cities can contribute to student safety, student-community relationships, and a more reliable market

* The importance of research and planning for now and the future-proofing of PBSH in Canada and around the world – Indigeneity, Internationalization, sustainability, DEI


Full video here.

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